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Electric Hot Water Bottle Happy Heat Electric Hot Water Bottle alleviates neck and shoulder pain. Woman using Heating Pad hot therapy to relax Woman using Happy Heat Electric Hot Water Bag or Heating Pad to alleviate menstrual cramps Woman using Electric Hot Water Bag featuring a detachable cord to alleviate menstrual cramps Man using a heating pad as hot therapy to alleviate neck pain.

Electric Hot Water Bottle

Electric Hot Water Bottle


Benefits of the Happy Heat Electric Hot Water Bottle:

  • A quick 15min charge will last you for up to 5 hours
  • The warm water therapy is perfectly designed to help you alleviate aches, muscle pains, and menstrual cramps
  • You can use the Hot Water Bottle indoor and outdoor to enjoy hours of comfortable warmth
  • Ideal for skiers, hunters, fishermen, golfers and for people working in the cold
  • Pain and stress reliever – Ease digestion – Reduce headache
  • Fully portable: great travel companion on the road
  • Enjoy hours of comfortable warmth

Use the Happy Heat Hot Water Bottle under your favorite blanket
Stay warm and cozy during these cold nights!

  • 1x Rechargeable Electric Heat Hot Water Bag
  • 1x Removable Soft Velvet Cover
  • 1x AC adaptor with cable
    • Heat water from 140ºF up to 158ºF
    • Auto Shut-off feature to prevent overheating
    • Weight 3.5 lbs
    • Cord: 36” with charging indicator
    • Unit size: L 10″ X H 3″ X W 7″
    • Dimensions 10 × 7 × 4.75 in

    Place the unit on a flat surface. Plug-in the AC adapter until the red light indicator switches off. 

    Cleaning Instructions

    REMOVABLE COVER offers additional insulation to prevent direct exposure to skin at high temperature; zippered cover allows the pad to stay in place while you rest. Machine washable cover.