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The Happy Heat Collection

The Ultimate Pain Relief Companion

Your Happy Heat rechargeable bottle collection offers soothing heat therapy to meet your lifestyle. The products are designed to enhance your health, comfort and relieve pain.

Our Technology

Heats water from 140ºF to 158ºF. Cordless and high-speed recharge in less than 15 min, heat lasts for up to 5 hours. Energy-saver. Auto Shutoff feature designed to make it safe to use around kids. Water permanently sealed in the bag. No need to refill the water! Indoor and outdoor use. Soft and comfortable fabric to the skin – Washable cover. No need to wait in front of the microwave or the stove for the water to boil.

How to maintain your rechargeable hot water bottle:

Unplug the adaptor as soon as the red light indicator is off. Do not recharge the device when the unit is warm—wait until the unit is cold. Once the red light indicator is off, DO NOT keep the unit plugged in, as it will shorten the lifetime of your Happy Heat Electric Hot Water Bottle.