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Foot Warmer

Foot Warmer


Electric Foot Warmer

Benefits of the Happy Heat Electric Foot Warmer:

  • A quick 15min charge will last you for up to 5 hours
  • Portable and easy to use at home or in your office
  • The soothing heat therapy reduces heavy legs feeling
  • The Happy Heat Hot Water Foot Warmer will help you alleviate feet aches and pains
  • Pain and stress reliever
  • Quickly and easily keep yourself warm and comfortable
  • Soft Fleece Cover helps keep your feet warm to enjoy ultimate coziness and comfort for hours.  Non-skid bottom for better safety.  

Happy Heat Foot Warmer: one of the 11 best foot warmers to stock up on this season! 

  • 1x Rechargeable Electric Heat Hot Water Bag
  • 1x Removable Comfortable Fleece Pouch-non-skid bottom
  • 1x AC adaptor with cable
    • Heat water from 140ºF up to 158ºF
    • Auto Shut-off feature to prevent overheating
    • Weight 4 lbs
    • Cord: 36” with charging indicator
    • Fits women’s size up to 14 – Men’s size up to 13
    • Unit size: L 13″ X H 5″ X W 12″
    • Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5.5 in

    Place the unit on a flat surface. Plug-in the AC adapter until the red light indicator switches off.