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Benefits of Using an Electric Hot Water Bottle

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Living a physically active lifestyle makes you susceptible to muscle pain, soreness, aches and cramps. Alleviate discomfort with the help of the Electric Water Bag! Crafted by Happy Heat, it’s an effective alternative that you can use in place of a traditional hot water bottle or regular heat packs. 

Applying heat to the body is beneficial in several scenarios and can lead to the following benefits: 

1. Alleviate muscle spasms: 
Applying heat will dilate blood vessels, promote blood flow, Happy Heat will help sore and tightened muscles to relax.

2. Ease lower back pain and stiffness:
Warm muscles are more flexible muscles! Happy Heat is an excellent tool to warm the muscles and tendons on your lower back, making them easier to stretch safely. 

3. Reduce period cramps:
Heat therapy works by relaxing the muscles of the uterus, Happy Heat will increase blood flow and ease pain. 

4. Deal with repeated arthritis stiffness:

Heat therapy won’t change or improve your condition, but it can help relieve arthritis symptoms. Apply a hot water bottle to the affected joints to dilate blood vessels and get more oxygen and nutrients to the joints reducing the pain.
5. Soothe sore muscles after a workout:
Applying a Happy Heat on tight, tired, or sore muscles after exercising promotes circulation and helps to remove lactic acid from the muscles, helping them to relax.

We transformed the traditional hot water bottle into a high-tech warming device. This gadget soothes pain in various parts of the body. Our heat delivery systems are portable and rechargeable, making them ideal for home, office and outdoor use.

Heat, Repeat and be Happy! 


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